The New WP Pusher Dashboard

Announcing the new WP Pusher dashboard

Over the last few months, I have slowly rolled out the new WP Pusher dashboard. First for new-coming customers and recently existing customers were migrated too. It’s been a gradual process moving away from the old systems powering WP Pusher and it has been going smooth so far.


The main dashboard page.

Action Required: Please Read This

Dear WP Pusher users, I know this sucks.

Since day 1 of WP Pusher, I have used a service called WP Updates to handle automatic updates. It’s a service by Dev7Studios – or at least it was. Last month, the worst thing happened. WP Updates was down and according to Dev7Studios it wasn’t their responsibility anymore since they sold the site to someone else – someone they weren’t allowed to name. After a few days someone managed to get the site online again, but I haven’t been able to access it since. Apparently, there’s no way to resolve this, since Dev7Studios won’t disclose who the new owners are.

Months back, I worked on something called WP Shipper, which does many of the same things WP Updates does – including automatic updates of WordPress plugins. I decided to launch a light version of WP Shipper, now that I desperately need it for WP Pusher.

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